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  • WHO Quality Toolkit (20 June 2022)

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    The World Health Organization (WHO) Quality Toolkit provides tools to improve the quality of health services gathered together from across different programmes at WHO. This online resource is a user-friendly toolkit to support action on improving the quality of health services at every level of the health system, from national and district to facility and community levels.

    The Quality Toolkit accompanies the WHO Quality Health Services: a planning guide. The planning guide provides a roadmap for taking action across the health system to improve the quality of health services at the point of care, while the Quality Toolkit offers practical tools and approaches that can support implementation of the necessary actions.

    You can navigate the toolkit to gain a good basic understanding on quality of care, but also access practical tools that you can use in your work to enhance quality of care. This WHO toolkit will be updated regularly to ensure new resources available from WHO are included.

    Watch the recording of the webinar launching the toolkit here


    The Quality Toolkit provides a broad range of tools that will help support your work, regardless of the health system level you work at, to execute tasks and functions aimed at improving the quality of health services. The tools are grouped according to their relevance to different health system levels and to specific key functions.

    Three cross-cutting functions are relevant at all health system levels: measurement and evaluation; improvement interventions; and engagement. These three functions acknowledge the key role of measuring and evaluating efforts throughout the health system to inform the application of improvement interventions and the need for continuous improvement and impact, and the engagement of key relevant stakeholders, including communities.

    Drawing on a variety of WHO publications, the Toolkit also presents a brief narrative on how different parts of the health system work together to support the delivery of quality of health services, and how relevant tools can be selected and used to support such efforts.

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