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  • WHO hospital readiness checklist: infographic (March 2020)

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    • 01/03/20
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    A careful planning for a pandemic, like COVID-19, is critical to protecting the health and welfare of entire humanity. Hospitals play a very critical role within the health system in providing essential medical care to the community, particularly during the crisis. But hospitals are complicated and vulnerable institutions, dependent on crucial external support and supply lines. During the current outbreak, an interruption of these critical support services and supplies would potentially disrupt the provision of acute health care by an unprepared health-care facility.

    Any shortage of critical equipment and supplies could limit access to the needed care and have a direct impact on healthcare delivery and panic could potentially jeopardise established working routines. In such scenario, even a modest rise in admission volume can overwhelm a hospital beyond its functional reserve. Even for a well-prepared hospital, coping with the health consequences of a COVID-19 outbreak would be a complex challenge for sure.  

    WHO hospital readiness checklist shows the key actions to take in the context of a continuous hospital emergency preparedness process.


    This document is also attached for download. 



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