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Definition of "Lessons Learned"

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I've been searching for a definition of "Lessons Learned", to inform some internal discussion and a policy review. However, I cannot seem to find one anywhere - I've tried as much NHSI and old NPSA documentation as I can get my hands on, Googled some Trust policies, and done some other searches. The closest I can find is some wording on Knowledge for Healthcare:


Lessons learned are concise descriptions of knowledge derived from experiences

This seems to be a start, but not necessarily specific to incidents and learning from investigations. I'm also keen to use wording from an organisation which already carries a bit of weight and gravitas, rather than developing our own, if possible. Is anyone aware of anything I might have missed?

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Haydn -- I applaud you for trying to define "lessons learned." Its a tough one -- like so many other terms in the knowledge management realm. But defining what it is you are trying to track and develop systems to optimize is so important. Working with peers in your organization to build a shared mental model around use of terms will help to collectively build understanding and buy-in around what you aim to accomplish. 

These sources may help:

Nick Milton is a leader in the KM field and this survey may give you some examples of language that could work: https://www.knoco.com/Knoco White Paper - Lessons Learned survey.pdf

His handbook builds on these ideas with some practical instruction on moving forward with a lessons learned initiative:  https://www.sciencedirect.com/book/9781843345879/the-lessons-learned-handbook

another resource NATO Lessons Learned Handbook: https://nllp.jallc.nato.int/iks/sharing public/nato_ll_handbook_2nd_ed_final_web.pdf

Good luck in wrestling this one to the ground ?


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