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Efficiency and cost saving case study

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This case study focuses on a North Staffordshire Combined NHS Trust project. The lead consultant for the service was concerned that the clinical pathways were not optimised and bottlenecks were delaying access, assessment and diagnosis of patients. As a result there were delays to initiating treatment. In addition to potential harm to patients this was resulting in inefficient and wasteful use of resources.

Following pathway changes, value and efficiency impact was noted in the following areas:

  • Because head CT scans are provided by a neighbouring acute trust, reducing the number of  patients referred had a direct impact on service cost as well as releasing capacity in the wider system. Comparing baseline activity with the review period showed a 30% reduction in CT  scan referrals and a £7,800 direct cost saving.
  •  The number of patients not attending appointments reduced from 572 in the baseline period  to 379 after implementing pathway changes. While not a cash releasing saving this improved  overall efficiency and productivity for the service and contributed to a reduction in overall unit  price per attendance.
  • At the start of the project, the average unit price for patients attending the memory service  was £280.93. Through a combination of direct cost savings and efficiency and productivity  gains arising from the revised pathway, this figure had reduced to £205.12 in the review  period.

Do you have a cost-saving or efficiency case study to share? What were the patient safety implications? Do you have resources or knowledge to share that can help others make positive changes?

Comment below (sign in or register here for free first), or get in touch with us at content@pslhub.org to tell your story. 


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