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Leadership support for staff nurses, midwives & healthcare professionals


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The Nightingale Frontline Leadership Support Service aims to support the additional and extraordinary leadership responsibilities of staff at all levels of the organisation and enable them to continue to guide their patients, staff and the service during and after this crisis.

The objectives are to:

1) Provide an online platform to deliver group leadership support in real time

2) Provide a psychologically safe space for healthcare professionals to explore leadership challenges, issues and concerns raised

3) Enable the identification of strategies for self-development and self-care in response to the immediate and future challenges

4) Enable healthcare professionals to articulate a narrative which demonstrates their leadership development and contribution to the COVID-19 response.

The service will be delivered by the Florence Nightingale Foundation (FNF) and will take the form of remote group leadership support sessions underpinned by the principles of creating psychologically safe spaces. The leadership support will be facilitated by our expert FNF Associate Facilitator and our senior nurse and midwife scholar and alumni network who are highly experienced and skilled in a method of Action Learning known as Co-consulting. This approach combines the benefits of coaching with peer learning in an environment underpinned by psychological safety.


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