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Living and working with complexity: thinking clearly, acting wisely and staying healthy (workshop 1)


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The uncertainty and anxiety that come with the experience of complexity can be overwhelming. It can be hard to think clearly and act wisely, and our wellbeing can easily suffer. The COVID-19 pandemic has made these experiences an everyday occurrence for many people, and the need for us to work clearly, wisely and healthily has never been more pressing.

These Organisational Development workshops from the King's Fund will lift the lid on complexity. Together, you’ll explore how encouraging ourselves and others to understand and acknowledge the loss of control when faced with complexity can help us, our teams and our wider organisational systems survive and even thrive in conditions of uncertainty. 

The workshops will help you:

  • make sense of the messy reality of complexity, accurately categorise different aspects of that reality and be able to choose appropriate, measured, responses
  • understand your own preferences and strengths in relation to the complexity around you and develop strategies to stretch beyond them
  • help yourself and others be their best during uncertain times.

Join one or two sessions, or the whole series.

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