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The Beryl Institute: New Existence Webinar Series

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The New Existence Webinar Series will take an in-depth look at The New Existence framework from The Beryl Institute. Helping to link core ideas and apply practices, each session in the series will focus on a key aim and corresponding actions of The New Existence.  This webinar series will help to explore how lead together into the future of healthcare.

The full webinar series is listed below. Webinars are scheduled from 2:00-3:00pm ET/1:00-2:00pm CT. Participants are not required to attend each webinar in the series. Click on a title below to register for the individual webinars in the series. 

Care teams
Redefine and advance the integrated nature of and critical role patients and their circle of support play on care teams.

January 28: Redefine the care team 

February 25: Invite and activate partnership

March 25: Commit to care team well-being

Governance & leadership
Reimagine, redefine and reshape the essential role of leadership in driving systematic change.

April 22: Create transparency across the healthcare ecosystem

May 27: Restore and nurture confidence

June 24: Transform healthcare in collaboration with diverse voices

Models of care & operations
Co-design systems, processes and behaviors to deliver the best human experience.

July 22: Co-design intentional, innovative and collaborative systems

August 26: Innovate processes of care to transform behavior

Policy & systemic issues
Advocate for equitable institutional, governmental and payor policies, incentives and funding to drive positive change.

September 23: Hardwire human partnership in the healthcare ecosystem

October 28: Research, measure and dismantle the structures and systems that lead to disparities

November 23: Modernise the surveys and democratise the data

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