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Patient safety and quality care. Do we have the right clinical guidance to deliver safe care during the pandemic?


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As we face the challenge of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic we need to apply what we have learnt so far, and what we continue to learn. It is a fast-moving evolving situation and as with any new strain of virus, the guidance for healthcare workers and health and social care services is being developed and updated frequently.  In is a fast-moving evolving situation, we need ensure that our approaches and support for staff enables patient safety.

The aims of this webinar from GovConnect is to:

  • To explore how staff roles, training and decision-making impacts on patient safety.
  • To explore the opportunities and barriers that staff face in delivering safe care.
  • To engage in debate with a specialist expert leaders with experience in care delivery, academic research, clinical education, medical device manufacture, human factors and ergonomics, innovation and technology.
  • To engage with participants to gain insights from front line clinicians, educators and patient safety experts.
  • To identify action for change and improvement.


  • Helen Hughes, Chief Executive Officer, Patient Safety Learning
  • Professor Matthew Cripps, Director of Covid-19 Behaviour Change Unit, NHS England & Improvement
  • Cheryl Crocker, Patient Safety Director, AHSN Network
  • Clare Wade, Head of Patient Safety, Royal College of Physicians
  • Paul Hinchley, Clinical Services Manager, Philips Healthcare


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