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Engaging patients & families in complaints under Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF) and the complaints standards framework

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This virtual masterclass will build confidence in compassionately engaging and involving families and loved ones to work within the requirements of PSIRF and the Complaints Standards Framework. But more than this, the masterclass will support staff to go beyond compliance to understand the issues and emotional component on a deeper level; to have real authentic engagement and involvement with patients and families.

New frameworks such as PSIRF are now in place, but how do we not only comply with these, but go beyond compliance to have real authentic compassionate engagement and involvement with patients, families and indeed staff to make a real positive difference? Connecting new knowledge with emotions can really support long term learning, which is an important part of this masterclass.

Knowing things may have gone wrong can feel a heavy burden and a complex emotional situation to be managing. Often, we avoid visiting difficult emotions in others, as well as ourselves, because we don’t feel confident or skilled, or we feel fearful of not doing it perfectly.

This one-day masterclass will look at the new PSIRF and the Complaints Standards Framework and through real life content, bringing the human focus for the patients, loved ones, and indeed staff to the forefront. It will support staff to explore what compassionate engagement looks like, feels like, and how to communicate it authentically and meaningfully.

In a supportive and relaxed environment, delegates will have the opportunity to gain in depth knowledge of the emotional component, relate to, analyse and realise the significance of and believe in their own abilities in creating practices that not only support the PSIRF but go beyond compliance to be working in a way that supports gaining an optimum outcome for patients, families and staff, in often a less than optimum situation.

Key learning objectives:

  • Feel, analyse, and explore the presence and absence of compassionate engagement within life, trauma, and a healthcare incident and how empathy is the gateway to compassion.
  • Seeing perspectives and understanding emotional motivations and the emotional component recognising vulnerability in others and self.
  • Seeing the bigger picture and having an enquiring mind to understand the story and how the ‘Funnel of Life’ can impact on our ability to engage.
  • Build confidence in the positive impact of compassionate engagement and really being authentically interested in the emotional component to be able to create an optimum outcome in often a less than optimum situation.
  • Explore and have a good grasp of how internal unconscious belief systems, can link through to the outcomes we achieve. We know what works with compassionate engagement, but why do we so often struggle?
  • Explore and analyse biases, judgments, and how a lack of compassionate engagement not only has the potential to cause psychological harm, but can prevent optimum outcomes for the organisation.
  • Realise the significance of authenticity rather than feeling fearful of not doing things perfectly. Examine where can we get emotional information from to support us, even if we are not aware we are doing it!
  • Identify the importance of an enquiring mind and a hypothesis as we try and understand the story that we are aiming to compassionately engage with.
  • Develop understanding of Safeguarded Personal Resolution (SPR ®) to formulate compassionate engagement under PSIRF and the Complaints Standards Framework. 
  • Develop awareness on personal wellbeing and resilience.


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