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Supporting people to work in new ways: what have we learnt from the COVID-19 pandemic?


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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic health and care staff have been working in different ways and designing new ways to meet the needs of patients and service users, all while under a huge amount of pressure. 

This event from the King's Fund will take a look at some examples of those changes and how people working in health and care have been working remotely, flexibly and in an agile way to meet the demands created by the pandemic and to develop new and improved ways of working for the future. 

Sign up now to hear about: 

  • the role of visible, collaborative and inclusive leadership to support staff and allow innovation 
  • how to keep staff health and wellbeing a priority while also delivering change 
  • how teams across health and care were able to be upskilled and remain flexible for these new ways of working.


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