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Parents hope documentary will help maternity inquiry bid

A couple whose child died before birth due to failings in her care hope a new documentary can support their calls for a public inquiry into England's maternity services.

Jack and Sarah Hawkins' daughter Harriet was stillborn at Nottingham City Hospital in April 2016.

They hope an ITV programme - Maternity: Broken Trust - shown on Sunday evening can help their bid for a wider probe.

An independent review into failings in maternity services in Nottingham is now the biggest maternity investigation in NHS history, but a report is not expected to be returned until 2025.

Dr and Ms Hawkins - who received a £2.8m settlement over failings in their daughter's care - said a wider investigation was needed to highlight national issues.

"I think maternity services across England are absolutely terrible," Ms Hawkins said.

"We're in contact with people with dead babies from Leeds to Plymouth, and I think what really needs to happen is for there to be a public inquiry into England's maternity services.

"It's not just Nottingham, it's everywhere, and hopefully this platform will give people the strength to come forward and speak up."

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Source: BBC News, 10 June 2024


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