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Doctors pressured not to make a fuss over Lucy Letby, trial told

A consultant has said that doctors were put under pressure by hospital management not to make a fuss when they raised concerns about nurse Lucy Letby.

Dr Ravi Jayaram said his team first raised concerns about unusual episodes involving babies in October 2015 but nothing was done

Ms Letby, 33, is accused of murdering seven babies and attempting to murder 10 others at the Countess of Chester Hospital between 2015 and 2016.

He told the court the matter was raised again in February 2016 and the hospital's medical director was told at this point.

The consultants asked for a meeting but did not hear back for another three months, the court heard.

Ms Letby was not removed from front-line nursing until summer 2016.

Dr Jayaram told jurors that he wished he had bypassed hospital management and gone to the police.

He said: "We were getting a reasonable amount of pressure from senior management at the hospital not to make a fuss."

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Source: BBC News, 28 February 2023


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