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Coffey warned of ‘significant risk’ posed by CQC restructuring

Staff at the Care Quality Commission (CQC) have been left ‘in fear of speaking out’ against structural changes to the organisation which they believe ‘pose a significant risk’ to the CQC’s ability to regulate health services, trade unions have told the health and social care secretary.

A letter signed by senior officers of Unison, Royal College of Nursing, Unite, Prospect and the Public and Commercial Services union has called on Therese Coffey to urge the CQC to pause its organisational change and enter into “meaningful discussions” with the unions.

The unions have raised concerns that organisational changes to the CQC have been drawn up by consultants with no frontline experience in health and social care, or in regulation, and that staff have had limited input into the changes.

They allege that staff raising concerns about the changes have been dismissed as being “disruptive” or “negative”, and significant numbers of experienced staff have recently left the regulator.

The CQC said in response to the letter that the changes it was proposing were needed to enable the regulator to “work more effectively across the health and care system”, and that it has engaged with trade unions throughout the process.

Read full story (paywalled)

Source: HSJ. 23 September 2022


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