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Midwife struck off over Shropshire baby's death

A midwife found guilty of misconduct over the death of a baby six years ago is to be struck off.

Claire Roberts was investigated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) for failures in the care she gave to Pippa Griffiths - who died a day after being born at home in Myddle, Shropshire.

An independent disciplinary panel described the midwife as "a danger to patients and colleagues".

Ms Roberts and fellow midwife Joanna Young failed to realise the "urgency" of medical attention needed, following the birth, the panel said. They had failed to carry out a triage assessment, after Pippa's mother called staff for help because she was worried about her daughter's condition.

The panel concluded Ms Roberts's fitness to practise was impaired.

Inaccurate record-keeping by Ms Roberts represented "serious dishonesty", panel chair David Evans said, adding she had carried it out "in order to protect herself from disciplinary action".

Her failures had represented a "significant departure from standards expected by a registered midwife," he added.

Her colleague Ms Young, whose case was also heard by the panel, faced strong criticism on Wednesday, but was told she would face no sanction after the hearing concluded she had shown remorse and undergone extra training since 2016.

Kayleigh Griffiths said she and her husband welcomed the findings and sanctions.

"We're really relieved that one of the midwives has been struck off and actually we're also relieved to find that the other midwife has learnt and feels significant remorse for the event that took place," she said.

"We realise people do make mistakes and I think how you deal with those mistakes is really important.

"All we do ask is that learning was made from those and I think in one of the instances it did occur and in the other it didn't - so I think the right outcome has been found."

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Source: BBC News, 10 March 2022


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