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    I totally agree. Shouldn’t matter if the procedure is paid for or not the NHS should be able to provide an adequate service. Everyone deserves to receive a Safe and as painless as possible procedure. I have 3 daughters and would hate them to have to go through something like I’ve been hearing with you ladies 😞
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    @EmilyGee I feel so sad you went through this in so much pain. I feel you are totally correct that you shouldn’t have been sent home like that. I’m surprised you didn’t have at least a local anaesthetic during the procedure. My experience seems to be very rare but it shouldn’t be. These procedures can be carried out well and with minimal pain. Is it cost related? Do they do it on the cheap? By not giving anaesthesia I mean? It’s certainly been an eye opener listening to other experiences and I hope there’s a breakthrough for women one day 🤞
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    Hi all, I’ve been reading this thread and I wanted to chip in. I recently had a hysteroscopy and myosurepolectomy procedure done. I had no pain at all and the experience was really good. I was given a local anaesthetic and the procedure was carried out through Spire healthcare in Leicester. I watched the procedure on the screen and found it quite fascinating. There was no pain afterwards and very minimal spotting. Im sad to hear about all your experiences but there are definitely places that do this procedure very well. Hope this helps 😃
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