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    Search for results if it is normal to have pain that comes after uterine polypectomy.
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    I had a total of 4 hysteroscopy. 3 were without any anaesthetisia, just ibuprofen and paracetamol taken an hour before the procedure. Just to tell that the pain isn't like a period cramp, and I also have endometriosis and I believe I would know a pain. The first one was with the removal of the polyps. The experience was painful and people where keep on talking stuff that didn't make sense, probably to make me more relaxed. Second time the doctor just looked, said he could not see any polyps, but the pain from it was more intense than the pain I experienced with the first one. Plus he talked a lot with his team about other patients that had the same issues and completely ignoring me, I felt like I was at the vet. The third was painful again, they said they only see a bump that would go away at my next period. This procedures where always accompanied by the irritating question if I want a Mirena coil. I mean I was doing all this procedures to get pregnant, asking me that was really annoying. The lady with the ultrasounds always told me she can see the polyps clearly, she even joked saying that only if you were blind you wouldn't see them. My last intervention was done under GA and was done because of reacurance of the polyps. Till today I don't have a report of what exactly was done apart from hysteroscopy and polypectomy. This time I was shocked with the GA, I woke up trying to breath and felt I don't have enough air, literally felt I was resurrected. I felt dizzy and nauseous for almost a month. The vein where they installed the cannula got hard and still I have the small lump painful at touch. My next appointment is in June so no other follow up except the next day phone call. They also removed 4 bigger polyps and few small ones. To be honest I didn't experience any pain after surgery, although they said I would and I can take paracetamol for that. My big problem was recovering after GA, I guess it is not for me.
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