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    United Kingdom

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    Intensive Care doctor who cares passionately about improving outcomes from sepsis. Creator of Sepsis 6 and Red Flag Sepsis.
    Instrumental in commissioning of NICE NG51 guideline, NHS Cross System Programme Board on Sepsis and WHO Resolution on Sepsis
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    UK Sepsis Trust, Global Sepsis Alliance
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    CEO, CEO

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  1. Community Post
    When a patient has sepsis, every hour before the right antibiotics are administered, risk of death increases. What has your experience been of the challenges with dealing with patient deterioration in a larger trust or hospital, or in a community setting?
  2. Community Post
    Sepsis Awareness Month is around the corner and World Sepsis Day is on 13 September. What are you doing to raise awareness of the killer condition, which affects more than 250,000 people in the UK?
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