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    @HelenH @Steph O'Donohue I have found a Module summary that i did a couple of years back on 'The process of Informed Consent' and have attached it below. The process of informed consent in clinical research is thorough: Its an ongoing process Voluntary participation informed decision process is well documented The person is at the centre of the process and i think would be of benefit to patients and their safety if applied in the wider clinical setting as patients should be participants in their own care and their choice to participate in any aspect of their care should always be confirmed and affirmed every step of the way. Let me know your thoughts please and if it is useful. Shamim 2020-08-17_113424.pdf
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    @HelenH They are normally included in the Good Clinical Practice(GCP) guidelines which everyone involved in research has to do inform of a face to face learning day or a refresher course online if you have done a face to face one before. Here is a link: Good Clinical Practice Will try and upload some content around it as well.
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    All the 3 recommendations made above are very important and are in line with the current review/recommendations of patients being at the center of patient safety. Coming from a research background, the importance of informed consent is vital and some of the principles used during informed consent within a clinical trial setting should be the norm throughout the whole healthcare system.
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