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    I hallucinate + hear voices but I am not ill + do not take psychiatric drugs .... For me , mental illness is a lie which causes untold damage ... I have been gathering information around Mental Health hospital admissions / Haven / Maytree model / Homelessness ... I have also gathered information around seclusion , electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), restraint and serious incidents ... The data speaks for itself Each admission, restraint, each seclusion, each serious incident is a human rights abuse. We just need to listen? Alexis Quinn? Act wisely? We are not using public money – our money well (each admission costs at least £18K) We need to learn from Italy, Finland, Manchester and others. Work together? How will we put the change we need into action? not just strategy papers ? We need the other part of this “picture” the data from the Haven and community. In summary my aims are ... All Mental Health Hospitals should be closed as per Italy; the Haven/ respite/ Home Group model should be adopted. The Mental Health Act should be abolished, one of the few areas of law where you can be locked away for something you may do, by people who have a vested interest in locking you away. (James Davies work CRACKED why psychiatry is does more harm than good is relevant here?). People should be supported to come off psychiatric drugs if this is their wish. Move from a Medical model of distress to a social / Human Rights model of distress. Ladder of Citizen control.pdf