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    Food challenges In the early days of the pandemic there were many reports of food shortages. This was extremely anxiety provoking for people with eating disorders who rely on ‘safe foods’ and found that these foods were out of stock. Some people who suffered from binge eating disorders reported that the emphasis on stockpiling foods in case they ran out led to many binges. Some people with eating disorders find it easier to eat out with others and the inability to do this was hard for some. Staying at home Various orders to stay at home over the past two years have been challengin
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    In my current role I oversee the therapy programme for the Eating Disorders Unit (EDU) and see in-patients, day-patients and out-patients for individual and group therapy. I work with both adults and children with eating disorders, depression and anxiety, and use evidence-based therapies including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). A case study Lucy* is a 25-year-old interior designer who is seeking treatment for anorexia. She was an inpatient on our EDU. Throughout the whole admission there is a strong focus on patient safety. One of Lucy’s goals was to gain weight to a sa