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    Yes access to stronger pain relief is a big problem. Most women don't get honest info about the possibility of experiencing sever to intolerable pain so couldn't know to ask for it. One other big problem is the lack of screening. I was never a suitable candidate for OPH in the 1st place. No relevant history was taken all the women at my clinic got pushed through trial out patient hysteroscopy whether they were suitable or not, unless they additional information from elsewhere. When it failed like mine predictable did . I was informed that it could be done with a GA. It was too late, the damage was done I find it very difficult to go to any Dr or hospital I need sedation. I have lost trust in all medics with the exception of anaesthetist. Women should not need to be in the know to get pain free treatment.
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    Hi Carrie Sorry to hear of your awful experience. Sadly not that unusual. Disgraceful that COVID 19 is being used to justify denying women pain control. Please contact the Campaign Against Painful Hysteroscopy they have a support group on Facebook. I’ve been a member of the closed group for 2 years now. Be kind to yourself it’s not your fault . XX
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    I didn't even know who my Dr was ! I believed it was the consultant named on my letter, I think he wanted to remain anonymous, I only found out who he was when my GP printed off his letter which even had someone else's medical history on, because he failed to take my relevant history. There was a nurses to assist the Dr ,+2 HCA busy chatting at the door which was in full view, a junior Dr being taught that you don't need informed consent and it's fine to inflict pain on unsuspecting women. Not one introduced themselves. There was the absolute minimum of conversation. All this with incomplete screens and left uncovered and alone for about 10 minuets. I was treat like a piece of meat. No respect at all.
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    I was totally mislead before my outpatient hysteroscopy to investigate PMB under the 2WW.The patient information leaflets said discomfort ,cramp/pains and like a smear test. I wasn’t screened just told the lining of my womb was to thick I need to have a look with a camera. A folded up consent form was pass over the desk for me to sign I was warned of infection, perforations, a lot of water and most women tolerate it. Not being medical I didn’t really understand. This turned out to be the most horrendously painful experience of my life. The pain was so overwhelming I couldn’t shoutout no one was observing/ supporting me top end of the table. I was sweating my legs were twitching pain shooting up to my neck I felt sick then a burning all over my body. The nurse assisting the Dr did eventually stop the Dr. Only after was I told that GA even a possibility. No recovery area. I’ve had counselling CBT and dream intervention therapy still get nightmares
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