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    Good to hear you didn't have any problems, Rainyflower - most women are ok with the procedure and it sounds as if you had a good dr for yours. Unfortunately 1 in 3 women experience severe pain in outpatient hysteroscopy procedures, and have procedures that last a lot longer than 2 minutes. Mine was at least 20 minutes, during which time I experienced excruciating pain, felt myself passing out as they tried to get through my cervix ( I was 20 yrs post menopause), the distension fluid for the biopsy procedure to take place felt like a red hot poker being applied to my uterus and up to my ovari
  2. Community Post
    Carrie, my outpatient procedure failed because of the severe pain - I had a polyp they couldn't remove although they did manage to obtain enough tissue for a biopsy. I had another procedure a short time afterwards under a general anaesthetic - the experience couldn't have been more different. No pain, knew nothing about it, and minimal pain for a short time afterwards. The gynaecologist I saw was amazed the outpatient procedure had occurred - lovely team of people who looked after me, chat with anaesthetist beforehand. Just writing this, in case it is helpful for you or other women in the s
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    Very well summarised, Katharine. As far as I can see from reading peoples ongoing horror stories about outpatient hysteroscopy, nothing has changed in the way women are tortured and gaslighted since I had my excruciatingly painful procedure about 9 years ago. What has changed is the RCOG and BSGE have acknowledged that the procedure is severely painful for 1 in 3 women and that women should be told this and offered GA if that's their preference. What hasn't changed is the culture of lying to women about the pain, ignoring the updated guidelines and therefore denying women their rights and t
  4. Community Post
    I am so sorry and angry to read about your experience. It is unbelievable that they are carrying out what is actually surgery in outpatients without anaesthetic in 2022, when pain relief is available. I hope you feel better very soon, although I doubt you will be able to forget this barbarity any time soon! There are RCOG and BSGE guidelines for this procedure and this hospital didn't follow them, but that is sadly the case for so many women all over UK. Although you were asked to sign a consent form, this can't possibly be informed consent if you weren't made aware that the procedure can be
  5. Community Post
    Hi Martina Bit late in the day to respond but I've only just seen your post, I hope all is progressing well for you and you don't have to wait too long if you decide to have the procedure under GA. Very best wishes, E x
  6. Community Post
    Missy, this is awful - so sorry to hear this. Very pleased to hear you are talking to your GP. Have you told them about the pain you are in? There are a lot of women who have undergone this procedure and had it fail because of pain, and have then gone on to have the procedure under GA. This should be an option for you as it is in the RCOG and BSGE guidelines. The Campaign Against Painful Hysteroscopy has a private group where we can discuss our experiences and support each other. If you would like to join please send a facebook request to Elaine Falkner (I'm the one holding the black and
  7. Community Post
    So sorry to hear this A_P. It's appalling how women are treated with this procedure without adequate or any anaesthetic. Unfortunately you are not the only one to be left with issues requiring counselling or other therapy for PTSD. I hope you can recover from this ordeal very soon. The Campaign Against Painful Hysteroscopy has an private group where we can discuss our experiences and support each other. If you would like to join please send a facebook request to Elaine Falkner (I'm the one holding the black and white cat) and I can then invite you to join the group. It would be helpful
  8. Community Post
    Hi Cake So, so pleased to hear you've had a textbook experience of hysteroscopy. It's good to hear that your hospital is following the RCOG guidelines to the letter. Its shocking how many aren't doing this and persuading women to go with outpatient procedures by telling them they'll have to wait a long time for other options, or worse not even telling them there are alternatives. The Campaign Against Painful Hysteroscopy is working with RCOG endeavouring to bring about change so all women are treated as they should be, and not as NHS money and the outdated ideas of gynaecologists regard
  9. Community Post
    Hello Cathryn, Sorry to hear you had a a bad experience last month. It not good enough is it? If you Google Hysteroscopy on Hansard all Lyn Brown's debate speeches will come up in date order. Regarding making a complaint, if you would like to join the Campaign Against Painful Hysteroscopy's private group, we have several members who have made complaints and could give some pointers on this. If you'd like to join please send me, Elaine Falkner a Facebook friend request, and I can invite you to join the closed hysteroscopy group. Best wishes Elaine
  10. Community Post
    Hi Goldie Locks Its so good to hear you had such wonderful, compassionate care and all went well for you. Also good to know where the good gynae teams are! Gold Star to them! I am a member of the Campaign Against Painful Hysteroscopy which wouldn't be needed if all hospitals were like yours. We do stress that 2 out of 3 women will have no pain or mild to moderate pain. Our intention isn't to frighten people but to remind hospitals to follow the RCOG guidance of offering and providing general anaesthetic from the outset if that's what the woman wants, and stopping the moment the patie
  11. Community Post
    Woody, I'm appalled to hear what has happened to you. It shouldn't be like this. As Exonian has said you are entitled to ask for the procedure under general anaesthetic and I wonder why this hasn't been offered to you and why they think a fourth attempt will be better at a different hospital. I wonder if these are questions you could ask the new consultant. If you would like to join the private facebook group that Exonian has mentioned, please send me a fb friend request (Elaine Falkner - I'm holding a black and white cat) and I can then invite you to join the group where you can get suppo