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  1. Community Post
    Hello MT So sorry to hear you've had this awful experience. Unfortunately you are not alone in experiencing severe pain and insensitive treatment and left feeling the way you do. I do hope you are feeling better today. Please, if you're on Facebook, the Campaign Against Painful Hysteroscopy has a closed Action/Support group that you are most welcome to join. If you'd like to do so please send me - Elaine Falkner (with photo of lady with white hair) - a Facebook friend request and I'll add you to the group. Best wishes
  2. Community Post
    👍 You can let them know by posting on Care Opinion if you would like to. https://www.careopinion.org.uk/
  3. Community Post
    That's really good to know there are women having a good hysteroscopy experience. Just wondering if anyone spoke to you about likelihood of pain or any alternatives to the outpatient procedure without any pain relief, or asked you questions to ensure you weren't in a high risk group for pain in advance of the hysteroscopy. If they did go through all that with you in line with the RCOG/BSGE guidelines, and you were able to give informed consent, they deserve to know they are getting it right! Which hospital was it, please.
  4. Content Article Comment
    Lisa, what you've written here is wonderful! I experienced a horrendously painful hysteroscopy when I was many years post-menopausal and had had very painful periods before that. I was in a high risk group for pain and this was ignored, as it is for thousands of women in the UK, because the powers that be prefer to say the procedure is well tolerated and most women don't experience pain. The truth is that for most women PROMS aren't sought. To hear you say "If someone is telling me they have pain, my job isn’t to judge or dismiss it," is music to my ears! How can we get other medics to agr
  5. Community Post
    I'm very pleased to hear you had a smooth pain-free procedure, Birdy2020! Excellent! You clearly had an excellent team looking after you! What you are saying about your experience is how it should be for all women! However, this is far from the case. We are all different and women don't need to have an underlying health condition to experience severe pain with this procedure. Research figures show that approximately 30% of women undergoing hysteroscopy in outpatients will experience considerable pain and it is barbaric to carry these out when women are shouting out with pain and fai
  6. Content Article Comment
    I am so sorry to read this, Claire - what a nightmare situation for you and your family (you showed me your husbands lovely sculptures when we met in Bath). You say staff are frightened, and It must take a lot of courage to put yourself out there on the front line at the moment, day after day. Huge thank you to you and your work colleagues for doing this. Petition signed. Best wishes xxxx
  7. Community Post
    I hadn't met the hysteroscopist or the 2 nurses before I entered the room for the procedure. Also had no idea what was about to happen as hadn't received any information.
  8. Community Post
    I had a hysteroscopy and have to say it was the most painful experience of my life. I was 65. I had been fitted into a cancelled appointment, for which I was grateful but this meant I hadn't received any information and didn't know what was about to happen. I am not an anxious person and I'm not a wimp where pain is concerned. I delivered 2 children on gas and air, but I shouted out in pain and was reduced to tears both during and after this procedure and on occasion felt I was going to faint. It was commenced without any anaesthetic or analgesia. It soon became clear that my cervix was ver