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    Having had a painful out patient hysteroscopy some years ago it is refreshing to read this article. It one of the first I have felt that I was not at fault for feeling such severe pain! Thankyou.
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    It was covered on womens hour & there have been articles in the Daily Mail. Radio Shropshire also covered OPH. Please be aware that you do not have to pay for a GA if you need another Hysteroscopy, you are within your rights to request it. The RCOG patient information leaflet will give you more details.
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    I attended a 2 week referral for post menapausal bleed stating I would require an out patient Hysteroscopy. I was not anxious despite knowing that it was to check for possible womb cancer. As the literature had described the procedure was like a smear test I had no concern. During the quick consultation I was informed biopsies were required but it would not be painful but may experience period like pain. The procedure started and a nurse was chatting away, hairdresser like chat, I thought it quiet irritating. I later discovered it is a distraction technique!! The consultant inserted a sp