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  1. Community Post
    Sorry for the experience you have suffered. Same happened to me. I did require a further investigation 2 years on but insisted on a GA. It is available to you, you just have to be firm with the care you expect to recieve. Best wishes, hope you feel better very soon.
  2. Community Post
    Thank you for your story. It's great to hear positive outcomes. The reason for my and others pain is we are post menopausal. The cervix closes/ narrows, when the hysterscope is forced through it causes severe pain, shock ect. Wish you well for your future. Xx
  3. Community Post
    Sorry peoples experiences terrified you. It certainly is not the aim. The aim is to inform you of the alternatives. Because you were forewarned you were able to express your preferences for pain relief. This has been sadly denied to so many including myself. Not knowing if you ask the procedure to stop there is an alternative? I see you took over counter meds, recieved pain relief to cervix & had access to gas and air, however you still describe the experience as awful, not without pain, the fact you struggle with speculum too all suggests you didnt recieve adequate care, in my opinion. Th
  4. Community Post
    It is great when you hear women having a positive experience and feel they were in control, that the persons carrying out the procedure explain truefully what will happen. You dont state your age? I note you were offered & given pain relief to numb the cervix. Unfortunately most women that suffer severely from pain are post menopause with a closed cervix & the practitioner as in my case noted out loud how closed the cervix was! Yet he proceeded to force his way through and this is when I experienced horrendous pain, the room span and was incapable of answering when I was asked if
  5. Content Article Comment
    Having had a painful out patient hysteroscopy some years ago it is refreshing to read this article. It one of the first I have felt that I was not at fault for feeling such severe pain! Thankyou.
  6. Community Post
    It was covered on womens hour & there have been articles in the Daily Mail. Radio Shropshire also covered OPH. Please be aware that you do not have to pay for a GA if you need another Hysteroscopy, you are within your rights to request it. The RCOG patient information leaflet will give you more details.
  7. Community Post
    I attended a 2 week referral for post menapausal bleed stating I would require an out patient Hysteroscopy. I was not anxious despite knowing that it was to check for possible womb cancer. As the literature had described the procedure was like a smear test I had no concern. During the quick consultation I was informed biopsies were required but it would not be painful but may experience period like pain. The procedure started and a nurse was chatting away, hairdresser like chat, I thought it quiet irritating. I later discovered it is a distraction technique!! The consultant inserted a sp