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    I don’t have experience of the Lidocaine, but the intense pressure of the water being forced into my womb through my vagina was part of the problem. They had to turn down the pressure as it was painful and uncomfortable. Is this a UK or US procedure as I am in the UK?
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    I can’t have a GA because of my weight. I probably could have an epidural without it being dangerous for me. The problem is I can’t see me ever being able to trust anyone to perform that kind of procedure on me ever again. I was basically tortured by nice people. I feel let down by them, by my consultant, who chose to gloss over my horrible experience and make a joke about my weight instead. I also feel let down by the NHS because I am a woman who obviously doesn’t matter. The word ‘tolerate’ belongs in a Jane Austen novel not in the vocabulary of someone performing gynaecological procedures o
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    Mine was 3 years ago at the Cotswold Suite at Southmead Hospital, Bristol. The first I knew that I was going to have a hysteroscopy was when the booking in clerk rang me to arrange it. She assured me I would have a LA, as did the consultant's secretary when I rang her to check it out. I was told I might experience mild cramping, so to take paracetomol or iboprufen an hour before my procedure. I had already had a painful biopsy and found an internal scan to be very uncomfortable, so I was a bit nervous. My husband accompanied me, but I was taken away from him and left to sit in a freezing