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    I'm pleased your procedure went well. Sadly underlying health conditions are not the only reason for a GA being necessary. It is vital that every woman is given the information and opportunity to make an informed decision about the pain relief they choose for their hysteroscopy.
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    https://www.gponline.com/refer-women-heavy-menstrual-bleeding-hysteroscopy-nice-says/womens-health/menstrual-disorders/article/1459586 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6501119/
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    The only person I 'knew' was the doctor who had, a few minutes earlier, lied to my face about the likelihood of severe pain
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    A lot of OPH cases are for women who are ultimately there to have cancer diagnosed or ruled out - why in earth is the NHS putting women, who are already terrified, through this barbaric procedure? I'm sure there are good experiences, but the issue is nationwide, certainly not specific to one or two trusts. Leaflets (if they are issued) are often inaccurate, with no mention of severe pain. A woman cannot make an informed choice about her procedure if she isn't in full possession of the facts and is lied to. This is not Montgomery compliant practice and should be investigated immediate
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    I had an horrendous outpatient hysteroscopy Referred after pm bleeding, having started menopause aged 36. Researched online before and saw some women had experienced pain. I specifically asked the dr on more than one occasion if there was a chance of pain. He said have you given birth vaginally?, I replied yes, to which he said the worst i would feel would be akin to period pain. It was barbaric, i was crying and passing out with pain. The nurses in the room with me simply tried to chat about inane topics to distract me! Was unable to walk back to my car fir about 2 hours after as