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    The Confraternity of Patients Kenya (COFPAK) is a registered non-profit organisation, independent of politics or religion, supporting health and social well-being of the public in Kenya. Their mandate is to advance, represent, safeguard and promote the interests of healthcare services seekers at all levels.

    COFPAK aims to collaborate with all stakeholders in the health sector to advance access to high quality, safe, accountable, affordable and sustainable healthcare ecosystem in Kenya. It exerts influence on policies and programmes toward the attainment of Universal Health Coverage.


    Goals of the Confraternity of Patients Kenya (COFPAK)

    • Track trends in patient satisfaction and contribute to a highly reliable health system in Kenya.
    • Contribute to quality of care through sustained multi-sectorial partnerships.
    • Promote the resolution of medical negligence incidences between the patients and the healthcare service provider(s).
    • Contribute to policies, guidelines and legislative measures for delivery of healthcare in Kenya.
    • Contribute to the provision of advisory and legal support services to patients and their kin.
    • Empower patients on their rights and roles to information at the healthcare facilities.
    • Representation of the interests of the public into Boards, Commissions and Committees on health subjects.
    • Accelerate uptake of the promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative health services in Kenya.
    • Contribute to the institutional and public education on emerging issues in health.

    See the attachment for further information about COFPAK.


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