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  • Asia Pacific Patient Safety Network: A Call to Action

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    Patient Safety is a healthcare discipline that aims to prevent and reduce risks, errors, and harm that occur to patients during the provision of health care. As per WHO, millions of patients are harmed every year due to unsafe medication practices, 2.6 million deaths annually in low-and middle-income countries alone. Today, patient harm due to unsafe care is a large and growing global public health concern and is one of the leading causes of death and disability worldwide. Most of this patient harm is avoidable.

    The Asia Pacific Patient Safety Network's mission is to advocate for patient safety, where everyone receives safe and high-quality medical care while reducing unavoidable harm due to unsafe care across the globe.


    Call to Action

    Patients, patient advocates, caregivers, pharmacists, healthcare workers, policymakers and industry experts are invited to take the pledge to support the statements to address patient safety across the globe.

    Patient advocates from throughout the Asia-Pacific region gathered under one umbrella on the 17 November 2021, to explore some of the nuances that must be addressed to ensure patient safety. These conversations culminated in five strategies which are aligned to WHO GPSAP 2021-2030 in Strategic Objective 4: Patient and Family Engagement, namely:

    • Engage - Partner and engage patients, families and civil society organisations in co-development of policies, plans, strategies, programmes and guidelines to make health care safer.
    • Learn - Learn from the experience of patients and families exposed to unsafe care to improve understanding of the nature of harm and foster the development of more effective solutions.
    • Capacity Building - Build the capacity of patient advocates and champions in patient safety.
    • Transparency - Establish the principle and practice of openness and transparency throughout health care, including through patient safety disclosure to patients (and families when permitted).
    • Education & Empowerment - Provide information and education to patients and families for their involvement in self-care and empower them for shared decision-making in relation to patient safety.

    #UniteForPatientSafety Campaign

    You can also join the virtual course - Patient Safety: Understanding the Global Patient Safety Action Plan 2021-2030

    Asia Pacific Patient Safety Network: A Call to Action https://calltoaction.pairacademy.org/
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