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Delayed treatment and care...what is your experience?

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COVID-19 has placed the health and social care system under enormous pressure. To meet the demand created by the pandemic, a range of non COVID care and treatment was postponed. 

Now staff are faced with the new challenge of responding to the treatment backlog safely. Many are understandably still struggling to cope with the mental and physical effects of working on the frontline during a global pandemic.  

Patients and relatives are also concerned. Some are worried that the delays will have had a negative impact on health outcomes or that they still do not know when they will be seen. Others feel they may have been prematurely discharged to help reduce the backlog. 

We want to hear from patients, relatives and staff who can share their insight on what is and isn't working, the challenges and the safety concerns. Your experiences will  help us identify and highlight patient safety gaps that need addressing.

Please comment below to join the conversation or you can get in touch with us at content@pslhub.org if you'd prefer to share your experience anonymously. 

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I am so concerned about the shut down of all normal nhs services from the p.o.v. Of my elderly mother. 
She normally receives regular eye injections to prevent further sight loss, and these have been cancelled with no monitoring.
There is a high risk of further blood clots to the back of her eyes.
She has hearing aids and her hearing has deteriorated so badly. She needs retesting but no response from clinics. I am aware that hearing loss is the biggest single factor causing step down in dementia and cognitive functioning. her cognitive function has shockingly worsened during lockdown. 

Lockdown has meant that she has not seen her friends, gone to church, coffee morning, sharing work or exercise classes. Her memory, speech, and understanding seem shot to pieces. What price shutting everything down to prevent the virus when the consequences of it on basic, key services for the elderly, plus all life structures taken away?

This is going to cost the nhs so much more than continuing to provide these services.

My elderly aunt who is housebound has a significant shoulder pain. Between January and July, she was unable to get any assessment from her GP practice. She is unable to use her arm now. She was given a steroid injection in July without assessment They have now discovered She is severely vitamin D deficiency-I wonder if her pain and inability to raise her shoulders is classic vitamin D deficiency. She is housebound with chest disease and never goes outside, nor was on the recommended vitamin D supple,ent which all over 65 should receive. 


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