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Tackling the elective surgery backlog: ​​​​​​​The case for digital, patient-centred perioperative care


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NHS waiting lists are at record levels with 6 million people currently awaiting treatment, and the potential for this figure to reach 14 million over the coming years. With people waiting longer for treatment, the need to develop integrated perioperative pathways that better support patients through their surgical journey has never been greater. 
During the pandemic, hospitals turned to digital technology to remotely support patients before, during and after surgery – helping to improve both the patient experience, and the quality of care. It is now evident that these tools will play an increasingly important role in supporting the delivery of efficient, sustainable and patient-centred surgical pathways. In this free webinar a panel of NHS and industry experts will discuss: 

  • How digital perioperative care can help tackle the elective backlog, improve efficiency & support patients.
  • Best practice for procuring, designing and integrating technology across the surgical pathway.
  • Collaborative partnerships and the future of perioperative care.


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