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Professional healthcare regulation in the UK - next steps for reform, patient safety, regulatory structures, fitness to practise and learning from the pandemic

Event details

This Westminster Health conference will discuss the next steps for professional healthcare regulation in the UK.

It is being structured as an opportunity to consider:

  • issues emerging from the Government’s consultations on regulating healthcare professionals
  • measures in the Health and Social Care Act aimed at simplifying and modernising the legal framework for the regulation of health and care professions
  • the impact of the pandemic on the landscape for professional healthcare regulation.

Overall, areas for discussion include:

  • priorities - changes in the approach to regulation ◦ placing patient safety at the heart of any new regulatory model.
  • reform - stakeholder perspectives on proposals ◦ development of overarching criteria for regulation ◦ improving regulatory efficiency.
  • impact - supporting regulated professionals to deliver high quality care ◦ preparing the workforce for the challenges of the future ◦ the role of regulatory reforms.
  • safety - aligning reform with patient safety policy ◦ developing the role of regulation in promoting safe practices.
  • education & training - next steps for providers ◦ quality assurance ◦ improving professionalism, leadership & delivery of new healthcare models.
  • streamlining regulators - options & impact ◦ ensuring that there is capacity for any proposed changes to be effectively delivered.
  • fitness to practise - assessing the future ◦ implications and priorities for health & wellbeing.
  • the pandemic - how it has affected the landscape for healthcare regulation ◦ how to safeguard positive regulatory developments in upcoming reforms.

Keynote contributions from Charlie Massey, Chief Executive and Registrar, General Medical Council; and Alan Clamp, Chief Executive, Professional Standards Authority. Patient Safety Learning's Helen Hughes will be one of the speakers.


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