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International Women’s Day: Expert panel discuss the gender health gap

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It’s no secret that there’s a gender health gap between men and women, let alone the far worse experiences many women face because of their race, sexuality or disability. In December, it was announced that a women’s health ambassador will be appointed to help “reset the dial” on decades of gendered health inequality in England. This move was part of the Department for Health and Social Care’s Vision for Women’s Health strategy, which was published after almost 100,000 responses to a call for evidence.

Key findings included that more than eight in 10 women feel that they are not listened to by healthcare professionals. A report published in January revealed women were being forced to wait longer for operations and healthcare appointments in the wake of the pandemic, with more women than men reporting facing these issues.

This International Women’s Day, join The Independent's expert panel for a virtual event to discuss how sexism and other intersectional issues in health care impact women’s diagnoses. From mental health conditions and misdiagnosis to waiting lists, the menopause and maternity, join The Independent’s Women Correspondent Maya Oppenheim who will host this free lunchtime event. The expert panel will include Health Correspondent Rebecca Thomas, Dr Geeta Nargund, co-founder of the Ginsburg Women’s Health Board, Le’Nise Brothers, Women’s Health and Wellbeing Expert, plus more panellists to be announced.


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