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Tackling health inequality: Why the UK needs ethnically diverse medical leadership – and how to achieve it


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It is impossible in the year 2020 to ignore the glaring inequalities in our healthcare system. The disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, coupled with local Black Lives Matter activity following the killing of George Floyd, underscore the threat systemic racism poses to lives in the UK as well as the US. Though these events have prompted much discussion in the medical community, this injustice is not new: data has long demonstrated a link between ethnicity and health outcomes.

What can we, as doctors and medical managers, do to close this health gap and ensure all patients can expect the same quality of care, treatment and outcomes in the future?

Seeking to answer this question, the BMA committee for medical managers (CMM) are hosting a free, online panel discussion to explore how increasing diversity in medical leadership can lead to better outcomes for all.


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