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Why healthcare needs a people-first approach to digital transformation

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In today’s world of multidisciplinary care, good communication between professionals and with patients makes all the difference.

The digital transformation the sector was already undergoing pre-pandemic to replace postal and fax systems with email has been dramatically accelerated by COVID-19. 94% of organisations are now sending more emails due to remote working and distanced service delivery.

But more email means more risk to patient data. In fact, email data breaches happen every 12 working hours.

With busy clinical and administrative staff focused on delivering high-quality care, it’s time for security solutions stepped up to eradicate the everyday mistakes they make, such as attaching the wrong file to an email or adding an incorrect recipient.

Join this webinar to discuss the importance of human layer security within digital transformation to ensures patient data is kept secure, while also facilitating the email communications that are fundamental to multidisciplinary care.

Presenters: Clive Flashman, Chief Digital Office, Patient Safety Learning; Dr Saif F Abed, Founding Partner & Director, Cybersecurity Advisory Services, The AbedGraham Group; Sudeep Venkatesh, Chief Product Officer, Egress


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