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In Conversation Live with David Sellu

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David Sellu FRCS, distinguished Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, will be joining RSM President Professor Roger Kirby for an extraordinary discussion about his unfair trial, his imprisonment, and his subsequently quashed conviction for Gross Negligence Manslaughter. He will be talking about his highly acclaimed and candid book, Did He Save Lives? A Surgeon's Story, patient safety and the practice of defensive medicine, as well as what the future now looks like for him.

In February 2010, David operated on a patient and despite his efforts, the patient died two days later. There followed a sequence of extraordinary events that led to David being convicted of Gross Negligence Manslaughter. He served 15 months in prison and eventually released on licence.

His licence to practise medicine was suspended, his career cut short. It was later discovered that David's trial was unfair, and with Dr Jenny Vaughan leading the campaign along with friends, family and colleagues, David won the appeal against his conviction and is now a free man.

The shock waves caused by David’s conviction has led more medical professionals to practise defensive medicine. This could have a huge impact on patient care in the future as our population ages and their health needs become more complex.


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