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Basic Needs at Work: Lived experience and lessons on burnout in the NHS


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This session is aimed at understanding what causes burnout, the impact and how to prevent/overcome it. Listening to stories from 2 Doctors and understanding the emotions, impact and consequence of burnout can help others look out for the signs and try to prevent it. Through talking and opening up, we hope to raise the awareness of burnout. It is real, can cause trauma and is linked to our wellbeing needs in the workplace.

Guest speakers are:

  • Dr Jess Morgan, Paediatrician
  • Dr Chris Healey, Gastroenterologist

Please join this session to learn from each other, listen and talk about wellbeing needs in the workplace. This is an open session to everyone, it will be healthcare based but is transferable. It is a free space and a social movement that has one agenda: To help staff flourish in the workplace.

Sign up for the session. Joining instructions for this virtual event will be emailed directly to you closer to the date

The basic needs at work campaign is based on research and simple QI methodology to address basic needs. It doesn't need to be complicated, but it does need to stick! The Basic Needs at Work resources can be found here

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