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From listening to action: putting the voices of people and communities at the heart of health and care


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This two-day King's Fund conference aims to explore how the current strain on services makes listening to people more difficult but even more important, at a time when public satisfaction with the NHS is at an all-time low. Join us to hear about how you can make sure building in the user voice is routine and core to the business of the health and care system, not just ‘a nice to have’.  

Conference sessions will: 

  • discuss how the NHS and social care cannot deliver quality unless listening to patients and carers, and acting on their feedback, lies at the heart of its culture.   
  • provide learning on how to listen well and what meaningful engagement with people and communities looks like. 

Gain insight into the findings from the Fund’s project on understanding integration with the HOPE (Heads of Patient Experience) network by working with six sites on an action learning piece.  

Learn about how health and social care decision-makers cannot overcome challenges and answer long-term questions alone - such as how the system will address the deep inequalities and how it can adapt to provide the joined-up, efficient care that people want and gives them more control – public input is crucial.  

Join peers to share learning on grasping this opportunity to finish building a culture where listening to patients, service-users, and communities is everyone's business.  


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