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Safety for All: Human Factors and Patient Safety webinar


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Human Factors principles aim to understand the ‘fit’ between an employee, their equipment and the surrounding environment, which can include learning styles, behaviours and values, leadership, teamwork, the design of equipment and processes, communication and organisational culture. In healthcare Human Factors can improve both performance and well-being while improving staff and patient safety. Human Factors has the most significant impact when applied systematically throughout the organisation.

The Safety For All campaign is hosting a webinar on the topic of Human Factors and patient safety where attendees will have the opportunity to hear from two experts in the field. An A&E consultant who hosts regular workshops on the importance of Human Factors and how to implement them effectively in healthcare and the Chair of the Clinical Human Factors Group (CHFG), a charity that raises the profile of Human Factors and campaigns for change in the NHS and healthcare.

The programme:

12:00 - Welcome by Charlie Bohan-Hurst, Safer Healthcare & Biosafety Network

12:05 - Presentation by Dr Rob Galloway, A&E Consultant: Why human factors is important for healthcare workers

12:50 - Presentation by Professor Chris Frerk, Chair, Clinical Human Factors Group: The role of human factors in delivering safety through design and systems

13:15 - Q&A session

13:25 - Conclusions and wrap up of webinar

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