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Tackling ethnic minority inequality in health and social care - improving care outcomes, learning from COVID-19, addressing underlying factors, and priorities for leadership and the workforce

Event details

Westminster Health Forum policy conference.

The agenda:

  • Assessing the impact of COVID-19 on the ethnic minority community, and priorities for improving health outcomes.
  • The health and social care response to inequality through the pandemic and taking forward new initiatives.
  • Understanding the data and risk factors for COVID-19 in ethnic minority groups.
  • Wider health inequalities faced by people in ethnic minorities - addressing underlying factors, and the role of COVID-19 recovery strategies in supporting long-term change.
  • Priorities for providing leadership in tackling health inequalities in the workforce.
  • Driving forward and ensuring race equality in the NHS.
  • Providing support to the ethnic minority health workforce and taking forward key learnings from COVID-19.
  • Next steps for action in race disparity in healthcare.


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