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Public satisfaction with NHS at lowest ever level, survey shows

Public satisfaction with the NHS has dropped again, setting a new low recorded by the long-running British Social Attitudes survey.

Just 24% said they were satisfied with the NHS in 2023, with waiting times and staff shortages the biggest concerns.

That is five percentage points down on last year and a drop from the 2010 high of 70% satisfaction.

The findings on the NHS, published by the Nuffield Trust and King's Fund think tanks, show once again that performance has deteriorated after a new record low was seen last year.

In total, since 2020, satisfaction has fallen by 29 percentage points.

Of the core services, the public was least satisfied with A&E and dentistry.

The survey also showed satisfaction with social care had fallen to 13% - again the lowest since the survey began.

The major reasons for dissatisfaction were long waiting times, staffing shortages and lack of funding.

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Source: BBC News, 27 March 2024


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