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Ward staff ‘must accept extra workload to help A&E’

Hospitals are being prevented from adopting models which spread risk away from emergency departments because other teams refuse to take on the extra work, according to a top accident and emergency doctor.

In a recent interview with HSJ, North Bristol Trust chief executive officer Maria Kane praised her trust’s risk-sharing approach to emergency care, which involves moving patients each hour from accident and emergency to the most appropriate ward for their needs and where a discharge is expected, even if it is full.

Commenting on the article, Royal College of Emergency Medicine president Adrian Boyle said: “The NBT trust leadership deserve significant credit for maintaining this. All too often there is an acceptance of unacceptable delays (and risk) in ambulance handovers and long ED stays.

“Where this fails, it is usually because inpatient teams (both nursing and medical) have objected to the extra workload, without appreciating the real harm elsewhere. The more interesting question is why isn’t this being done more widely?”

Read full story (paywalled)

Source: HSJ, 15 November 2023


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