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NHSE calls urgent meeting over powers to strike off managers

Amanda Pritchard has said it is time to ‘look again’ at whether NHS England should be given formal powers to disbar managers for ‘serious misconduct’.

In an email to regional leaders and some national bodies yesterday, seen by HSJ, the chief executive officer of NHS England said the murder trial of neonatal nurse Lucy Letby has brought the issue of professional regulation for managers back into focus. She has planned an urgent meeting next week to discuss the options.

Ms Pritchard said she wanted the meeting to explore; the feasibility of NHSE being given the powers and resources to act as a regulator; who this could apply to and how it could operate; and how a dedicated regulatory body for NHS leaders might fulfil the role.

She stressed any new powers would need to be determined by the government, but said the NHS “should contribute proactively and fully, and with an open mind, to this decision-making process”.

Read full story (paywalled)

Source: HSJ, 25 August 2023


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