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Scottish Covid inquiry start condemned as ‘shambolic and disrespectful’

Bereaved families in Scotland questioned the credibility of the Covid-19 inquiry on its opening day.

Proceedings started with a presentation in Dundee by the public health physician Dr Ashley Croft, who talked about the scientific and medical understanding of the virus as it existed in late 2019 and how it developed up to the end of last year.

Members of the Scottish Covid Bereaved group were said to be “bewildered” by the choice of Croft as first speaker of the inquiry, having previously raised concerns about his being used as an expert witness.

The lawyer Aamer Anwar, who is representing the group, highlighted a High Court judgment that reportedly described Croft as providing “flawed, unreliable” and “unconvincing” evidence and displaying “a cavalier approach to important evidence”.

Pointing out that no respects were paid to the many people who lost their lives during the pandemic during the presentation either, Anwar described the inquiry’s start as “embarrassing” and “deeply disrespectful”.

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Source: The Times, 27 July 2023


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