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Inadequate maternity unit handed safety warning

An NHS maternity department has been handed a warning notice by the health regulator because of safety failings.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) said it was taking the action over the James Paget Hospital in Norfolk to prevent patients coming to harm.

Inspectors found the unit did not have enough staff to care for women and babies and keep them safe.

The maternity department has been deemed "inadequate" by the CQC, which meant the overall rating for the hospital has now dropped from "good" to "requires improvement".

Between June and November 2022 there were 30 maternity "red flags" that the inspectors found, of which more than half related to delays or cancellations to time-critical activity.

In one instance, there was a delay in recognising a serious health problem and taking the appropriate action.

The report also highlighted the service did not have enough maternity staff with the right qualifications, skills, training and experience "to keep women safe from avoidable harm and to provide the right care and treatment".

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Source: BBC News, 31 May 2023


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