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Hull A&E is a 'death trap', whistleblowers warn

Whistleblowers have described the accident and emergency (A&E) department at Hull Royal Infirmary as "incredibly dangerous" and a "death trap".

The Care Quality Commission (CSC) found Hull University Teaching Hospitals required improvement overall and its A&E department was rated inadequate.

Two clinical staff members, who wished to remain anonymous, described it as a "toxic" place to work.

Speaking to the BBC, the two staff members who have worked in Hull's A&E department said they had raised concerns with senior managers and the CQC.

They said there were frequently fewer staff than needed and warned inexperienced staff, one whom had never seen a cardiac arrest, were working in areas like resuscitation, which was "incredibly dangerous".

"Nurses who aren't even signed off to give oral medication are being put in resuscitation," one said.

"It's a death trap, it is terrifying."

Despite these concerns, CQC inspectors in December and November did find the service "had enough nursing and support staff to keep patients safe".

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Source: BBC News, 28 March 2023



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