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Dementia patients in England facing ‘national crisis’ in care safety

Families of people with dementia have said there is a national crisis in care safety as it emerged that more than half of residential homes reported on by inspectors this year were rated “inadequate” or requiring improvement – up from less than a third pre-pandemic.

Serious and often shocking failings uncovered in previously “good” homes in recent months include people left in bed “for months”, pain medicine not being administered, violence between residents and malnutrition – including one person who didn’t eat for a month.

In homes in England where standards have slumped from “good” to “inadequate”, residents’ dressings went unchanged for 20 days, there were “revolting” filthy carpets, “unexplained and unwitnessed wounds” and equipment was ”encrusted with dirt”, inspectors’ reports showed.

Nearly one in 10 care homes in England that offer dementia support reported on by Care Quality Commission inspectors in 2022 were given the very worst rating – more than three times the ratio in 2019, according to Guardian analysis.

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Source: 29 December 2022


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This crisis has its roots way back. Beginning with the removal of funding for long-term care from the #NHS in the 1980s, the functional separation of #health & #socialcare , the rise of managerialism and the embedding of a cover up culture including victimisation of genuine #healthcare #whistleblowers.

All this has been supported by all governments regardless of party.


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