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Covid: Boris Johnson WhatsApp messages requested by inquiry

The Covid public inquiry has asked to see Boris Johnson's WhatsApp messages during his time as prime minister as part of its probe into decision-making.

Counsel for the inquiry, Hugo Keith KC, said the messages had been requested alongside thousands of other documents.

He said a major focus of this part of the inquiry was understanding how the "momentous" decisions to impose lockdowns and restrictions were taken.

The revelations came as he set out the details of how this module will work. The inquiry is being broken down into different sections - or modules as they are being called.

The preliminary hearing for module one, looking at how well prepared the UK was, took place last month.

Monday marked the start of the preliminary hearing for module two, which is looking at the political decision-making.

Mr Keith said this allowed the inquiry to take a "targeted approach". He said it would look at whether lives could have been saved by introducing an earlier lockdown at the start of 2020.

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Source: BBC News, 31 October 2022


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