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Breathing machines still not repaired after safety recall

Two-thirds of defective breathing machines distributed by the health service have not been repaired or replaced in the 12 months since they were subject to a worldwide recall over safety concerns.

Philips Respironics last year issued a field safety notice for a series of ventilation devices because the polyester-based foam used to dampen the noise of the machines can break down. The foam particles or potentially toxic chemicals may be inhaled or ingested by patients.

Almost 8,000 of the affected machines have been contracted by the Health Safety Executive (HSE) for use in hospitals and private homes, including 6,394 continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices, 1,348 bilevel positive airway pressure (BPAP) devices, and 147 mechanical ventilators.

However, the HSE told The Times that only 2,723 devices had been repaired or replaced a year after the recall was announced. A spokesman did not respond when asked if the HSE was concerned about patient safety, given that more than 5,000 devices have not been attended to.

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Source: The Times, 8 July 2022


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