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New report demonstrates the importance of working with patients to reduce digital health inequalities

A recent report based on research and case studies of good practice in combatting digital health inequalities demonstrates the importance in working with patients who are digitally excluded.

The report, Putting patients first: championing good practice in combatting digital health inequalities, is the second report by the Patient Coalition for AI, Data and Digital Tech in Health. 

This report focuses on digital health inequalities and the impact that digital exclusion is having on health in the UK. It highlights different reasons for disparities in a person’s ability to access and use digital health technology and provides insights into the severity of the UK’s digital inequalities.

The Coalition report concludes recommending that the Government and NHS should:

  • Engage with those digitally excluded
  • Ensure patients have a choice
  • Ensure the language is appropriate for all audiences
  • Learn from good practice.

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Source: The Patients Association, 9 May 2022


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