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Baby death mother 'was not seen by obstetrician'

A woman whose baby died after sustaining severe brain damage during labour was not seen by an obstetrician during her pregnancy, an inquest heard. It meant his mother Eileen McCarthy was unable to discuss her birthing options.

Walter German was starved of oxygen during a long labour at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton.

Lawyers at Fieldfisher are pursuing a civil negligence case, claiming a C-section should have been offered due to a previous third-degree tear.

Walter was born in December 2020. His life-support was turned off after nine days, as his injuries were unrecoverable.

Recording a narrative verdict, coroner Sarah Clarke said Walter died as a result of his brain being starved of oxygen, likely due in part to an umbilical cord obstruction.

She said: "Walter's mother was not seen by an obstetrician during her pregnancy and this led to her being unable to discuss birth options regarding delivery given her previous third degree tear.

"Walter's mother was in the advanced stages of labour for a prolonged period of time with an indication for an earlier obstetric review being apparent."

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Source: BBC News, 4 May 2022


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