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MPs launch survey on body image and mental health

A survey looking at the effect of body image on physical and mental health has been launched by MPs in England.

It also asks whether people have used the NHS to deal with body image issues and how successful services have been.

The Health and Social Care Committee will use the survey as part of its ongoing inquiry into the impact of body image.

The committee will hold another parliamentary evidence session on Tuesday. This session will hear from doctors, researchers and people with Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

Questions in the survey cover a range of topics, including whether thoughts and feelings on body image negatively impact quality of life, and which aspects of life are affected the most.

Jeremy Hunt, chairman of the Health and Social Care Committee, said: "Worries about body image can become enormously distressing, particularly for young people.

"To support our inquiry into body image, we're asking people to take part in a survey about how concerns about body image can affect their physical and mental health," he added.

"We want to hear about their experiences of accessing NHS services in relation to body image, whether people know where to go to get help, and whether they feel any stigma in seeking support for health issues relating to body image."

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Source: BBC News, 25 April 2022


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